Find a Calm Natural Refuge Within 

Experience the essence of what I learned over twenty years studying under the close guidance of qualified meditation masters and indigenous elders. Let me be your bridge and translator as I share practical methods that can transform your life and benefit those around you. 


Come Home to Yourself 

Create Harmony in Relationships

Align with Deeper Knowing

Why Meditate

Come Home to Yourself

Meditation helps us to find a calm refuge within ourselves regardless of external circumstances. We learn to be fully present with what is, and as a result, challenging emotions, thought patterns, habits and physical holdings can loosen their grip. Space is freed for equanimity and joy to infuse asll aspects of our lives.

Deepen Relationships

When we practice meditation, the heart opens and it’s possible to tap into a natural wellspring of courage and compassion for others, making it easier to to listen deeply, relate authentically, and to respond with curiosity rather than reactivity. This dissolves isolation and builds trust and connection. 

Align with Deeper Purpose

meditation creates space for insight to bubble up spontaneously and this helps us align our lives with a deeper purpose, connecting our unique skills, passions and talents with opportunities to serve, create, and do. It can also strengthen our capacity to focus and accomplish the step-by-step path to meeting necessary milestones to get there.


One on One Coaching

Refresh your meditation practice, or learn it for the first time with customized support and care. Ask all of your questions and share your experiences.


Take a Deeper Dive and set aside dedicated time and space for personal and collective growth.


Schedule a weekly, monthly, yearly class for your community, school or workplace; so that everyone can benefit from regular, guided practice and create a culture of calm awareness and compassion to support all that you do.

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